Oh my goodness gracious me! My parents sent me home with an old scrap book of mine and I just had to share this awful picture. What the heck was I thinking?

So, what information about me can you gather from this photo?

  • I was friends with Shirley at the time, as that’s her kitchen
  • I was 16 years old
  • Wearing spandex under torn and tattered jeans with over-sized sweaters was my style of the day (though not necessarily THE style of the day)
  • I had already bought my way-awesome brown leather jacket (Which I ceased wearing after a weekend softball tourney in my early 20s when it got completely soaked and damaged. This was a good thing.)
  • I was still on speaking terms with “V”, as that’s his skull-and-bones ring on a chain around my neck
  • I was still being courted by “J”, as the flowers were from him
  • I had way-awesome hair with my way-cool “wave” bangs
  • I used to sport extremely large glasses – ugg!
  • My nick-name at the time was “Jazz” because of my musical preferences and because I played clarinet in the school’s jazz band

This is one of the less embarrassing photos. Maybe I’ll share more from the scrap book later – if I can stop laughing long enough to use the scanner again!