Dining at Steptoe

For reasons unknown, I got an urge to finally take a trip up to the top of Steptoe Butte today. It was my first visit, which is a bit sad since it’s less than 16 miles round-trip from my front door to the top of the butte. Well, 16 miles if I take a short cut through the wheat and lentil fields. It’s closer to 25 miles if I stay on paved roads. But anyhow, it’s close.

Moments after having the idea I tried to talk myself into putting if off to the weekend so that I could make some homemade fried chicken and potato salad for a picnic lunch. But I knew I’d find a reason to not do it so made a vow to stop at the store and buy everything I needed for a picnic dinner instead.

So, store-bought picnic in tow, I swung by the house to change then headed up the hill.

It was very peaceful and relaxing. I sat there eating my dinner whilst looking out over the rolling hills of the Palouse and watched a few butterflies chase each other around the wild rose bushes.

I even found enjoyment in the fact that the top of the butte is covered with antennas. I suppose that as it’s the highest point in the area, it was deemed prime real estate for our modern-day communications needs. I wonder what insightful conversations Paul and I would have had about their placement…

They say that you can’t find amazing places to dine outside of the city, but I think my views this evening beat out anything you can see from the top of the Space Needle!



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