I’m holding a contest and you should totally enter to win FREE COFFEE! Yay!

Why a contest*? Because I stopped at Starbucks on my way home this afternoon and experienced an amazing act of kindness and really want to pass on my joy.

Here’s the story:
I decided to stop in at Starbucks for a cup of Refresh tea to break up my journey home. I grabbed my laptop and headed into the shop. I’m standing there waiting to order when an older lady in front of me turned and said “I’m buying your drink today, so go ahead and place your order.” In my shock, I looked behind me thinking she must be talking to a friend. But no, she was talking to me.

She explained that seeing that my pretty floral dress matched my floral laptop sleeve made her smile and she wanted to do something to make me smile in return. I tried to protest but she wouldn’t have it any other way. Figuring my drink was only about a buck-sixty, and that it really would make her happy to buy it for me, I allowed her to do so.

I mean, how wonderfully-kind was that? It was nice enough to just have the compliment of making someone smile, but then to get a free drink out of the deal? 100% awesome!

It got me thinking that the simple act of buying someone a cup of coffee can totally turn a plain day into a sprinkles-added day.

So now you know why, let’s talk about how!

How do you enter?
Answer one or more of these three questions by leaving a comment on this post.
[Comments left on Facebook do not count, sorry.]

1) What’s your coffee order and why?

2) What’s the funniest thing you’ve ever witnessed when at the coffee shop?

3) What’s your favorite ‘random acts of kindness’ story?

When is the contest over?
Entries must be received by 10:00 p.m. Pacific Standard Time on Thursday, August 5th.
[That translates to 6:00 a.m. Greenwich Mean Time on Friday, August 6th, for folks in the UK.]

What do you win?
A $25 or £20 Starbucks gift card.
[NOTE: This assumes the winner is from America, Canada, or the UK. If you don’t live in one of those places but still want to play, we’ll figure out some way to get you free coffee in a currency you can use for roughly $25USD!]

Who can enter?
Anyone! You don’t have to ‘really’ know me. This can be your first-ever visit to my blog. Doesn’t matter. But you can only enter once.

How will the winner be determined?
The names of entrants will be placed in a hat and one will be randomly selected by Schrodie. OK, that last part is a lie. One will be randomly selected by me.

So, get busy answering one or more of the questions for your chance to get some free coffee!

* To give full credit, the inspiration for doing a contest at all came after reading a friend’s blog where she gave away a gift card to celebrate a great accomplishment in her life.