Goals update

Nearly three weeks ago, I posted my goals and promised that I would soon update each goal with a list of tasks required to accomplish them. Well, I’ve finally gotten the initial task lists posted – along with hand-drawn images because I was a bit bored last night. (Cutting off the cable will do that to you!)

Support and encouragement is always welcome! Please feel free to check in to watch my progress, but also feel free to offer support or assistance where you can. If you think you can help with any of my tasks, please give a shout!

Goal #1: To be blissfully happy

Goal #2: To earn my master’s degree

Goal #3: To publish a book

Goal #4: To rule the world

4 thoughts on “Goals update

  1. What a fabulous post this is, Frances. it made me smile so much. You continue to be a source of great inspiration

    And i love the pictures!!


    • Thank you! You should know what a great source of inspiration you are to me, too.

      As for the pictures, I’ve been finding playing with colored pencils to be a bit enjoyable, so I may be sharing more in the future!


  2. I.must.get.on.with.my.”plan of attack” – there’s only one more week before school starts and i don’t get organised i’ll get nothing done!
    and since pomomamadesign is footing the bill for after-school care i’d better be productive!
    waaaah. thanks for the reminder

    • After-school care is the bestest invention ever! Thankfully, the state pays for The Kid’s since she’s in foster care. I’ve seen the rates – I’d be going shoeless if I had to pay it!

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