A while back I picked up a piece of bond paper and a box of crayons to illustrate a silly little image to go along with my goals posting. A few days after that I grabbed a couple more sheets of paper from the printer then borrowed my foster daughter’s colored pencils to illustrate each individual goal. By the time I was done I realized how much I missed drawing and coloring—despite the fact that I’m not the artist I imagine I am.

That enjoyment led me to purchase some nice drawing paper and a set of 72 colored pencils and a little carrying case for all of my new art supplies. Since then, I’ve found a lot of pleasure in sitting on the couch drawing and coloring. And in recent days, I’ve been drawing and coloring even more thanks to the way-fun silliness course I’m participating in.

All of this has made me realize that I really like to be artistic and has made me start to think about all the other forms of artsy stuff I used to do as a child. Which brings me to the point of the post: Today I purchased an inexpensive set of water color paints and a cheap little box of modeling clay. My first attempt at a water color painting is really quite rubbish, but I enjoyed re-learning how to use the paints and am excited to do some more.

With a bit more practice, I’ll be ready to go out and paint the amazing sunsets on the Palouse. In fairness you might not be able to identify the painting as a sunset when I’m done, but as long as I’m enjoying my childish fun, it doesn’t matter what the end result looks like.

So I’m still feeling a bit down, but at least I can multitask by being miserable and happy at the same time.

Yay for painting!