Papier-mâché pumpkins; Part 1

Yay! We’ve been busy making papier-mâché pumpkins for two days now. I’m using a new technique (no balloons for this gal!) and it seems to be working out pretty well. I had to buy some orange paint, but other than that everything is either recycled materials or general household junk (staples, duct tape, flour, etc) which is pretty cool!

The kid is running the camera for this project (mostly) and has decided that we should share the videos of our pumpkins in progress right away, instead of waiting for the whole thing to be done.

So, here are some fun little videos for you. Check back next week for step-by-step photos of the whole project so that you can make your very own Papier-mâché pumpkin! [[UPDATE: See the photo gallery here!]]

Making the goop:

Pumpkin building:

The kid’s turn:

3 thoughts on “Papier-mâché pumpkins; Part 1

  1. I am really looking forward to seeing those pumpkins. The best ones are always imperfect! Will you be putting some sort of stem on them, too?

    • Yes, I’m trying to determine the best way to make the stems. I’ve got some ideas, but we’ll see!

      They really are looking good! Unlike the balloon method, they won’t be round, and actually have a bit of texture/depth to them. I think I’ll do the frame differently if I do this again, but I’ll well pleased with how it’s going so far!

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