Bad desk; good desk

I don’t know how it happens, but I will go weeks and weeks with my desk being nice and clean then all of the sudden things start to accumulate. It’s not as if I don’t have space to store things. It’s not even as if I have to go far to put things away – I mean, 80 percent of the stuff that ends up on top of my desk actually belongs in one of the desk drawers or on the bookshelves right next to the desk.

Thankfully, when I realize I’ve become a slob I’m able to find the energy to fix the problem. And then I’m able to keep things neat and tidy for quite some time. Now, if I could just stop letting things accumulate in the first place…

Before = Bad Desk

After = Good Desk

4 thoughts on “Bad desk; good desk

  1. I agree with Dad….
    Of course, I have desk issues myself… so much so that I cannot currently find space on it to place my laptop, which is the real reason it is by my chair instead of on my desk….

  2. My highly-organized mind can find things easily on a cluttered desk. But I can find things faster when they’re where they belong.

    And don’t worry Rebecca, I can handle other people’s clutter – it’s just my own that panics me. 😉

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