YayDay! countdown

Yay! It’s just 89 days until YayDay!!

YayDay! is one of my favourite days on the modern calendar. It’s a self-created holiday that I’ve been celebrating since I first began working proper office hours. (Which was better in Scotland where my day ended at 4:30 instead of the typical American 5 o’clock stopping time I have now.)

But what you really want to know is what YayDay! is all about.

Well, YayDay! is the cold, dreary winter day when the sun doesn’t set until after 5. And this winter, that day is Monday, February 7, when the sun will set at 5:01 p.m.—one minute after my work day is over. (Which is just two weeks before my birthday, when sunset will be at 5:22 p.m., if you wondered.)


I don’t know what I’ll do to celebrate this year. In the past, celebrations have included going out for dinner, enjoying a bottle of Champaign at home, or heading out to the pub. Last year I wasn’t really in a celebratory mood so simply marked the day by remembering past celebrations with Paul. I’m open to suggestions—no matter how silly!

Your YayDay! might not be the same as mine because your location will determine your sunset times. So check out the US Naval Oceanography Portal’s website to find your magic YayDay! [Not in the USA? Check out this site instead.]

4 thoughts on “YayDay! countdown

  1. 6th Feb – I’ll be celebrating a day earlier than you!
    What a fab idea for a holiday – off to think about what to do to celebrate!!

    • Next year we can celebrate together! Yay!

      I’m leaning toward going out to dinner, since I’ll most likely still have my foster daughter with me. And it’s a Monday. But it’s gonna be really nice to drive home in daylight again…

      (How sad is it that I actually count down these pointless milestones?)

  2. Thanks for what you said about Nora’s room. I live on compliments for weeks. Seriously. I also love that you are speaking of living in Scotland as if it will happen. Cuz it will Frances, it will! And then I will take you up on your offer and come see you there. Without my children. Ok?

    • Certainly without the kids! Scotland is no place for kids. It’s too damp and too cool. But it’s a great place for grown ups. I promise when/if I settle back in over there you’ll be welcome!! Loads of castles and great falling down old buildings to look at.

      And Edinburgh is nothing–at all–like Cle Elum! Which is cool. (Well, except that they have a Roslyn just down the road, too.)

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