I don’t know a thing about fashion, nor do I care. And this is how bad I am:

Today, I bought a pretty sweater because I love the colour. A colour Paul would have hated! (Bile green, he’d have called it.) It was on sale though, and I liked it. And it was buy one, get one 50% off, so I bought another one, too. (But a different colour and one that Paul may have approved of.)

But the sweaters are too snug for regular jeans which are lumpy with loops and buttons and pockets, so I decided I’d wear them with my bargain £10 jeggins I got at Primark last year.

And the only shoes I have for my jeggins are a pair of fake Prada’s that I got on sale a couple of years ago. Only the black plastic ‘pleather’ stuff is peeling off the heels. And I can’t find my black electrical tape, so I am colouring in the cheap white plastic underneath with a black marker.

And for all of this, the only name brand item—and one I’ll have paid full price for—is the Sharpie. Yes folks, only name brand office supplies for this geek!

I know I will probably look ridiculous in my get-up, but if it’s comfortable, I don’t care. And if you don’t like it, just don’t look at me.

8 thoughts on “Fashion-less

    • Could do with spring right about now…

      It is a fun colour! I like the bright colours but am always afraid to be so bold these days. So I’m trying to re-learn the art of not caring, as long as it makes me happy!

  1. I can’t wait to see that sweater. The colors remind me of a blouse I had (and still hang onto) many, many moons ago. I call it my lemon-lime blouse and plan to frame a swatch of the material. Glad to hear you’re still using the jeggins.

  2. Lol, bile green!

    I think it looks lovely. And I’m jealous if you can get away with jeggings. The lumps and bumps would be all mine I’m afraid!!


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