One of the many tests my doctor ran as part of my annual exam last week was a vitamin D screening. She was worried that with my current diet I wasn’t consuming enough of the vitamin and combined with my lack of interest in outdoor activities, I wasn’t getting any of the stuff from the sun’s amazing co-production facilities. Of course, her bigger concern was that I was getting ready to head off to a nation known more for rainy, cloudy days than sunbathing.

And, as suspected, I am vitamin D deficient for the first time in my life.

It’s a small knock to my health-esteem because it’s yet another reminder that not only has my diet floundered in the past two years, but my once avid enjoyment of the great outdoors has all but disappeared as well.

I know I’ve said it over and over again, but I am confident that once I’m away from here and the constant reminders of my shattered dreams, I will be better at everything. Once my new future kicks in, I will have more energy to devote to eating well and I will be excited about taking up my once-enjoyed outdoor (and indoor) activities.

But I can’t continue to neglect myself in between now and then. So I’m trying to figure out some stop-gap solutions.

First up, I’ve found a list of vitamin D rich foods. Lucky for me, salmon and tuna are in the top four and eggs are on the list, too—toward the bottom, but they’re on it! Second, I’ve started to research multivitamins. I’ve always shunned such things because (in the past) I always got all the vitamins and minerals I needed from my wholesome, home cooked meals. But that’s no longer the case.

So for now, I’ll try to eat more fish and eggs. And I’ll take a vitamin tablet each day. And hopefully, when my new future becomes my reality, I’ll be getting my vitamin D from the sun again and the rest of my nutrients from my food.

Or, to summarise: I’m deficient in vitamin D and to fix that I will be eating more yummy things like mushroom omelettes and baked salmon. Yay!