Music lessons; take two

Back in April I took Paul’s record collection and a turntable to my niece, Flik. This was a much loved gift and she’s since purchased a few new (old) records to add to the collection. Unfortunately, this left her 12-year-old brother, Haden, feeling a bit left out.

But that changed today when I showed up with a dual-cassette ‘boom box’ and a bag of Uncle Paul and my old cassette tapes. I know it’s hard to believe, but the kid was so, so excited to get a stack of Van Morrison and Bob Dylan tapes. Maybe less excited about some of my tapes—Cyndi Lauper, Sylvia, and Belinda Carlisle.

I had to teach him how to use the cassette player and explain how the process works for finding a specific song and flipping the tape over when one side is done, but that quick lesson was enough to get him ready to play. I also explained the concept of mixed tapes and about the differences between 8-tracks and cassettes. He was further cheered when I told him that you can still find cassettes every-so-often. (He’s a yard sale maniac, so he’ll be finding new music all summer, I’m sure!)

Anyhow, we’re now sitting here watching Pete’s Dragon and I think it’s driving him crazy because what he wants to be doing is playing with his new toy.

Yep. I’m still Aunt Awesome!

2 thoughts on “Music lessons; take two

  1. My first mix tapes were made by recording tracks I loved off the radio. Even now when I hear particular songs I can remember the track that came after it on my own personal compilation.

    I never had a mix tape made for me when I was a teenager, but I have had 3 separate sources since ‘growing up’ – one from a good friend who was trying to cheer me up, one from a colleague as a thank you/leaving present and one from another friend more recently as a way of rescuing my AWOL musical taste/knowledge!!

    And to demonstrate the march of technology – the first actually was a tape, the second has a CD and the third was straight to iPod. I loved that you had to show your nephew how to ‘use’ a tape player, who’d have thought it?? But when you stop to think, why would he know? They’re just not around anymore.

    • Today’s lesson was in how to remove the speakers. It’s so funny that he’s so into ‘retro’ technology! I mean, on Friday he purchased an electric typewriter for Goodness’ Sakes!

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